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Our increasingly frenetic workplaces don’t allow much time for reflection on our change management efforts, our business transformation and our professional development.

Sometimes you just need to bring everybody into the virtual room and work through things. And work through things we will.

All my workshops use a combination of pragmatic tailored problem solving and best practice knowledge sharing.

We work on your issues. In real time. Highly engaging, and high energy. No naff ice-breakers, I promise.

One hour, four hours or four days. It’s your call.


The Agile Change Leadership Institute

For training and development programs how to deliver agile change or lead agile change head to the Agile Change Leadership Institute.

There you will find a range of programs from online self-paced certificates, to micro-learning libraries, virtual workshops and books to teach how to do agile change.

The Agile Change Leadership Institute was founded by Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross in 2019.


In 2019 Dr Jen Frahm and Melissa Dark of Common Place Communication created a powerful one-day program Busting Silos to help people collaborate and influence better in order to create change.

In 2020 this program was turned into an e-course and can now be accessed globally and on demand.  


After the success of their article on exploratory leadership, Dr Jen Frahm and Jillian Reilly of Antacara Frontiers have joined forces to create what is truly a unique and innovative program. 

  • Catalyze growth towards more a purposeful, productive life.
  • Learn to lead personal or professional change amidst disruption and uncertainty.
  • Hone the mindset and skill-set to enable long-term transformational growth.
  • Supercharge your generative ability to reimagine, take risks and create new outcomes.

Big Bounds is an 8 week course consisting of 4 x 90 minute fortnightly virtual classrooms, supported by an online community space to gather, creative expression challenges and embodied movement activities. 

The pilot programs are: 

Sep 30 7 pm (AEST) – 3 places left 

Sep 30 12 pm (Pacific Time)  – 4 places left 

Oct 7 7 pm (AEDT) – 2 places left 

Limited spots are available at the pilot pricing of $400 USD 



A change management Jiminy Cricket, sitting on your shoulder coaching you on the way forward. I know you’re capable of greatness. So drop me a line.


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