Conversations of Change team pack (5 copies)


With 42 Conversations Starters this book is ideal for hosting team conversations to work through your changes and build your team’s change capability.

A “must read” for those new to change, a “should read” for those who want to improve how they do it.

You’re a manager or executive who is facing into significant organizational change and want to ensure success.

You’re new to change work and want to fast track your development.

You’re an experienced change practitioner who wants to double check you’re not missing a trick.

You’re a frustrated employee and you want to let your manager know they could be leading change better.

4 change adventures to choose from, 42 conversation starters to build capability and 7 interviews with experienced change leaders and practitioners.

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A change management Jiminy Cricket, sitting on your shoulder coaching you on the way forward. I know you’re capable of greatness. So drop me a line.


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