2019 – A year in review.

by Dec 9, 2019

  • Review yourself to learn and re-energise.
  • Amazing partnerships and practices made for a good year.
  • Bring on 2020!

So, some of you will know that I like to do a Year in Review and encourage all of you to do the same. December is a time of the year when you can feel really tapped out, but it’s really energising to take the time to sit down and capture all of the achievements and lessons in the year. 

Diversity in clients 

One of the things I have always been proud of is not to get too niched or focused in a specific industry. I truly put that to the test this year:

  • Working with VMware in Silicon Valley with Lena Ross to introduce agile mindsets and practice to the global HR leadership team.
  • Leadership change capability with Lena again and the management team of Honda.
  • Remediation of a challenging transformation program and design of the change approach for Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust (I now know more than you could ever want to know about the future of death!).
  • Building leadership change capability with ACH Group given the change that Aged Care sector is going through.
  • Design of a new transformation program and building change capability for leadership with City of Stonnington.

The diversity of client’s sector was incredibly rewarding as it ensured I did not get lazy and had to continually innovate to address what the clients needed.

Power in partnerships and products

It was a fantastic year of productive partnerships.

Lena Ross and I formalised our collaborations with the launch of a new company, the Agile Change Leadership Institute. We followed Lean Startup principles with this and I am super proud to report that it has kicked off very well.  We could not be more proud of the work those enrolled are doing. 

We also partnered with Momentum Search to run Executive Breakfasts on the challenges of leading agile transformation. We’ve run three so far and are delighted that the feedback seems to be “should have been longer”. They might come for the muffins, but they stay for the insights and peer-based learning! 

Melissa Dark and I also launched Busting Silos – a unique program designed for government to address one of their core pain points. Given the reception, it clearly struck a nerve and we are looking forward to scaling and helping more organisations with this.

Responding to pain points also saw the development of a new diagnostic, a survey and data visualisation of the ‘Changescape’ in your workplace. The data enables you to pace and scale change appropriately. I so wish I had this on a number of previous engagements – you’ll be hearing more about it next year! 

Doubling down on humanity. 

Speaking engagements abroad in Toronto, Canada, and locally for Seek, and CMI Queensland. Each provided me with opportunities to reinforce the importance of our essence of humanness – authenticity, vulnerability, curiosity, self-compassion. The more I work with leaders in change, the more these qualities take centre stage in relentlessly changing environments.

Lena and I were delighted to be guests on Agile Uprising podcast and again, these themes came up. 

I even ended the year with a speaker’s reel and have booked some great gigs for next year and look forward to more. 

Professional Development 

I didn’t do as much of this as I would have liked – but what I did was brilliant. I attended a workshop on self-compassion training in September.  I can’t believe how much I have applied and continue to reference since doing that. I also continued to invest in my art practice and I think that has really contributed to the sense of ease and creative product development. 

Blockers, challenges and enablers 

As in any good retrospective I’ve tried to think about what didn’t go so well – and I have to say, this year was a kind one. Sure, there were times when things didn’t go to plan, but I think I have gotten much better at preventing escalation of commitment and calling things quits (fail fast and learn fast). 

My podcast got a bit sporadic as I ended up booking guests opportunistically, but I tell you what, the guests were amazing and I’ve just received the lovely kudos of being in the Top Change Podcast from feedspot. I could also have had more work, part of the challenge of the year was learning to enjoy the time when I was not busy.

The things that didn’t go so well were often in my personal life – hello unplanned house move, cat hospitalisation and two cracked teeth. But I’m better now at asking for support, so while there were some really challenging times, I was wonderfully supported. And speaking of support, it would be remiss not mention that awesomeness that is Kate Ware of BuzzPop Media and Andrew Webber who is my Virtual Assistant extraordinaire. I couldn’t do what I do with as much comfort without them.  

So, what does this mean for 2020? 

Consolidation! I’ve now got a great range of products and services that serve leaders facing into unrelenting change. I’ve started and initiated and developed quite a bit this year! Its time to consolidate and grow. 

Ease has served me really well as a guiding quality. There’s a couple of more qualities I want to add to the mix in navigating the year and I’ll tell you more about that in the next post. 

I’m in the enviable position to be doing the work I love, attracting brilliant clients and speaking engagements. 

I’m going to be greedy and say I want more.

Bring it. 

Load me up. 

Join me? 

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