The temporality of change.

by Jul 16, 2019

  • Time in change is not static, it is comparitive.
  • “Now” is more than an individual enterprise.
  • With appreciation of then/now/later we can find balance.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the temporality of change and wondering if we pay it enough attention.

When we look back, in hindsight, we can recognise the legacy of past change, and hopefully learn from the feedback – good and bad.

When we look forward, we identify our vision of the change, the future state we are working towards.

When we look at the now we identify our current state.

And we have opportunity to introduce more mindfulness:

How are we feeling right now about this change?
How are others feeling right now about this change?
What does that tell us about how we are going?

There’s a lot that can come from implementing mindfulness – some of it will be good, and some of it will be not so good.

Where we chose to put our focus on the temporality of change can skew our path. Too much looking back blinds us to the now and future. Too much inattention to the past commits us to repeat errors and reduce confidence in our future attention. Too little looking at the now risks burnout, fatigue, and missing important feedback.

It’s like we need to do an “around the change-clock scan”  for past, present, and future to be integrated.

A time lord on the team to ensure balance.

Time-travel and change.  Thoughts?


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