The Changes You Need to Make First

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Change. It starts and ends with you

If there is one thing that 2020 taught us, it’s that change will now be bigger than before, more frequent than before, wilder than before. Large cycles of disruptive change are here to stay. For many leaders this presents a significant challenge – you still have to lead, introduce and embed change in context that are largely uncontrollable.

This can lead to feelings of overwhelm, exhaustion, uncertainty and imposter syndrome. Leading change in unprecedented times, is not for the feint of heart. This means that most, if not all leaders now need to undergo some significant changes to the way they lead to keep up and thrive in this ‘new normal’. Personal change always precedes organisational change. 

Global change leadership expert, and co-founder of the Agile Change Leadership Institute, Dr Jen Frahm takes you through 33 leadership areas that you can make small, effective personal changes in to be a better leader of change.  You get 65 Change Actions that you can implement immediately. 


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Chapter 1

Know thyself 


Chapter 2

Collaborating and communicating during disruptive times


Chapter 3

Mindsets Matter 


Chapter 4

Qualities of the Future Leader 


Chapter 5

Leading through uncertainty 


Chapter 6

Obstacles you will face 


Chapter 7

The hardest changes you will face



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It’s 2021. We are now facing collectively into the most significant and disruptive changes in our careers, possibly lives. There is a clarion call for strong change leadership.

Are you up for it?

All of my work with leaders of organisations during change tells me one thing. If you want to lead change, you need to change yourself first. Every time.

There is no “perfect’ change leader. Even those who are lauded for their outcomes and efforts in creating successful transformation recognise they are in perpetual change. Challenging themselves, learning new things, adapting, and growing.

The phrase ‘change leader’ is both a noun and an instruction.

Change. Leader.

You don’t have much time, I understand that, and 2020 has left you weary and exhausted. 2021 has started with an attempted coup in one of the largest democracies and a variation of COVID 19 that turns a curve on the graph of spread into a vertical line, and continued  it does not appear that the scale of disruption is slowing…



Written in an intimate conversational style, this book offers pragmatic advice, immediate take-aways and things you can do to be a better change leader.

If the first two decades of the 21st century have taught us anything, it’s that uncertainty is chronic; instability is permanent; disruption is common; and we can neither predict nor govern events. There will be no ‘new normal’; there will only be a continuous series of ‘not normal’ episodes, defying prediction and unforeseen by most of us until they happen.”

Jim Collins & Bill Lazier

Beyond Entrepreneurship 2.0

We will not go back to normal, normal never was. Our pre-Corona existence was not normal, other than we normalized greed, inequity, exhaustion, depletion, extraction, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, hate, and lack. We should not long to return, my friends, we are being given the opportunity to stitch a new garment, one that fits all of humanity and nature.”

Sonya Renee Taylor

Author, Poet, Educator & Activist


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About the author.

Dr Jen Frahm (PhD Mgt) is a recognised expert on organizational change and transformation and works with senior executives to help them lead change and transformation. Her PhD looked at employee receptivity of change in response to different communication models during continuous change.

She has worked in multiple industries – financial services, engineering, technology, retail, veterinary pharmaceutical, television and radio and is known for her interests in disruptive technology. Her clients range from large corporates, not-for-profit, and public-sector agencies.

She published Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing change in 2017, has authored over 200 blog posts on her blog, and achieved over 25,000 downloads of her podcast series Conversations of Change. She is a recommended speaker by the International Association of Business Communicators and the Change Agents Worldwide group.

“It’s my hope that this book provides you with comfort, direction, optimism and confidence in how you will manage the disruptive change that is to come. You’re not alone – I’m there right with you.”

Jen Frahm 


A change management Jiminy Cricket, sitting on your shoulder coaching you on the way forward. I know you’re capable of greatness. So drop me a line.


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