Conversations of Change – the podcast serial

by | Jan 3, 2019

Conversations of Change Podcast

Welcome to the serialised / audio book component of my book Conversations of Change: A guide to implementing workplace change. Part 1 is designed to assist leaders shape up the decisions they need to make about change programs and projects. On this post you’ll find the first six chapters of my book and associated interviews. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Choose your own adventure

This is the interview at the end of Chapter 1. Liam Hayes, Chief People Officer of Aurecon, shares what types of adventures he has experienced as a leader of change.

Chapter 2: Through the looking glass

I mentioned Gail Severini as being quite influential in Chapter 2 – this is where you can find her.

Chapter 3: Of Change Agents, Change Leaders and Change Managers

At the end of this chapter there’s a blog post from Joe Gergen shared: The Adventures of a Secret Agent. 

Chapter 4: Perfect Match – More than just a game show

Interview with Alan Herrity, Momentum Search and Selection

At the end of Chapter 4, I reference an interview with Alan Herrity, of Momentum Search and Selection on hiring change practitioners. Here it is…

Chapter 5: Start with the end in mind

Chapter 6: The adventure begins – frameworks and models

Cant wait to hear more?

Need to know now what happens in Part 2 (Moving forward) and Part 3(Checking the peripherals?)

You can buy your own copy via Amazon for outside of Australia or my website if within Australia!


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