So you’re a leader or executive in a large organisation and you’ve got a particularly tricky change challenge that needs urgent attention and you’ve found me here.

I could tell you about my educational qualifications (a Doctorate in Management), or that I’ve worked with a large range of companies or the experience I have had across sectors in types of change (culture change, digital transformation, business agility, customer centricity, operating model changes, large scale technology change).

Or I could just share what I believe in every cell in my body.

Organisational change is often complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. With change in the workplace we have the opportunity to create a place where people flourish, where customers are delighted, where the shareholders are confident they did the right thing investing in your company. With change in the workplace we can ensure you remain relevant.

If you’re interested in keeping relevant in the agile, change and leadership space, you might find my other company, formed with Lena Ross of #ChangeHacks, the Agile Change Leadership Institute, of interest. And if you’re keen to get better at collaboration, then head over to Busting Silos where I teach collaboration and influence with Melissa Dark of Common Place Communication

You know how so many companies do change really poorly? There’s low employee engagement, demoralised teams, poor output and service.

You’re on the hook for it, and you ain’t having fun either. It just doesn’t have to be that way. I can help you.

For a confidential discussion of how I might help you, drop me a note. I’m very direct and don’t pull punches.

I’m connected. If I can’t help you, I should be able to recommend somebody.

To get a sense of how I roll…

So if you want to see your strategy executed well and the benefits realised, if you want help engaging with change resistance, or even to build the change capability in your business, give me a call.